EC Cooper


Hey Everyone! 

I produced this show and I’m really excited for you to see it. It’s called Hotwives of Orlando and debuts today on Hulu (FOR FREE!) The cast is amazing, Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Angela Kinsey, Tymberlee Hill, and Andrea Savage…Plus a ton of really funny people you’ll recognize, like Stephen Tobolowsky, Joey McIntyre, Matt Besser, Jerry Minor, Rich Fulcher, Seth Morris, Jeff Hiller, Melissa Rauch, Kate Walsh, Sterling Knight, Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chafin, Deborah Tarica, Horatio Sanz, Kulap Vilaysack, Mike Phirman, Lauren Lapkus, Pam Murphy, Weird Al, and Me (with a lot of bronzer)


So If you like the Housewives Shows or Hate Reality TV, I think you’ll like this

This looks like my new favorite show.


So stoked about the Hobby Lobby ruling today. Officially going to incorporate myself so I can get a religious exemption for my student loans debt they violate my deeply held religious conviction that all debts are supposed to be forgiven every seven years, as per the book of Deuteronomy.